Fife - ETC Good News Stories

What our clients have said about their experiences with .....

.... Clued Up

"not proud of it but I was what you would probably call a junkie, I did loads, but you are welcome and trust them here and you are relaxed ..... they give good information and good advice, so you listen and make choices, I have made my choices, got a qualification here and now got a part time job, its looking better now"

"It gives you confidence here .... it all starts with being welcome and the trust that builds your confidence .... .... the activities help with that, you trust the advice and you can make the right choices .... I used to smoke lots of cannabis and have run-ins with the police, now I don't because they helped me here .... I got an education qualification here and have done some courses .... they're the only qualifications I have"

"I don't visit as much now, they helped me get off the drugs and to get into college, I still come here because it helps me with my confidence .... its hard, I need that to keep going at the college"

"This place helps you see things that you cant always see by yourself, so you come down here and it helps you to focus and it gives you perspective"

"It helps with the stress because the staff listen and care - not just the staff, the people here listen - we listen to each other and that helps"

"They speak up for you when you are not able to speak for yourself and people then listen .... they help people understand your problems and try to ensure that they are listening"

"I left ------------ (care establishment) with a drugs problem that then got worse, had no one to help, but I found this place and they have helped, helped me to begin to get my life sorted and make choices, I'm off the drugs now, you can see that"

"I'm glad the police told me about this place and Im glad I came, cos if I had carried on doing what I was doing I wouldn't be here now .... can't keep doing that stuff and survive .... I owe this place, I owe them big time"

"A lot of us been to prison for fairly minor offences related to drugs or drink but they help you down here .... they help to let know that you are not a rampant criminal, some one who is a person and is trying to make amends so you can get on and sort your life"

"To help people get off drugs, look for jobs, meet new people .... to provide food, drink, a cook club - soup .... If homeless they will help to make sure you are not left on the street"

"A place to meet and greet .... get help with addiction .... get support .... get inspiration and to get help to help yourself"

"Help with various issues - drugs, alcohol, employment, not having anywhere to stay or just to escape from the rest of your life to refocus and get your life in order"

.... Fife Works

"I have a job and I start next week - Thank you for your support and guidance and encouragement, I feel you were a wealth of help and I'm very grateful to you and your team for all that you have afforded me in my unemployed situation. You're a good guy and I wish you all the best in all your goals. Thank you so much"

"I have taken up work through an agency working for Amazon. Its not exactly what I'm looking for but I just want to work. I think it will only last up to Christmas and then I will be back looking for something again, more like the work I used to do but things are still quiet at the moment. I would just like to thank you for all your help and assistance recently as it has been very much appreciated. I will keep in touch."

"I have an interview for a forklift reach truck operator tomorrow at 10am. Without the help I have had from yourself and Fife Works, I would not have even been able to apply for the job let alone get an interview. I will let you know how I get on in due course"

"I have a job - thank you so much for your help over the past few weeks. Without the training you organised for me I wouldn't even have been able to apply for it. Thank you for everything you have done for me"

"Thank you so much - I have just passed my CSCS test and have found 3 jobs I can now apply for. I was beginning to think I would be unemployed forever but now I actually think I might get a job"

"I finally got a start on the new Forth Crossing - it's through an agency so temp for the foreseeable. Thanks again, I appreciate all your help"

"I have been extremely busy to contact you with an update but I have gained full-time employment with Krones UK, as a Field Service Engineer, which is going very, very well. Thank you for all your time and support, much appreciated. I have to say, gaining the CCNSG, did enhance my presentation to Krones, during interview. Thanks again for all your help"

"After the help you have given me with applying for jobs, I have a number of interviews planned - a 2nd interview for one company, and another interview this morning. I am awaiting the date/time and confirmation for further three interviews, end of this week, beginning of next, so all is moving forward very well. Again, thanks very much"

"Hiya, just a quick email to say that I passed my CSCS card test. Just want to say thanks for all your help and effort it's much appreciated - Thanks again buddy"

.... FEAT

"Firstly I have to say how grateful I am for having the opportunity to attend this course. It has given me a greater sense of myself in respect of my understanding how my thoughts affect my emotions and then in turn my actions. I feel Mindfulness is allowing me to live my life with much more ease and acceptance in turn giving me hope for the future, for a calmer and more enjoyable life. I would highly recommend this course to everybody, as I feel it enriches the mind and body which gives a kinder perspective on the world. Finally, Bill has been amazing, he truly believes in mindfulness and is an excellent example of its beneficial effects. He really wants everybody to be part of this process and he does his utmost to explain its philosophy in simple terms. Thank you Bill"

"I feel very lucky to have had the chance to go on the eight-session mindfulness practice course. I found the guidance, encouragement, feedback and support invaluable to find ways to bring the techniques into my daily life. I feel calmer and my concentration is returning. I feel like I needed the encouragement to practice every day, in order to build up my own script. The script (to sitting meditation, body scan, mindfulness movement, compassion, self-compassion) gave me a tool that I can carry with me. By learning mindfulness in this way, it's always there for me to practice, and it's there in my hands when I need it most. A user's manual for my body, senses, thoughts and emotions, to guide me through times of stress, uncertainty and difficulty."

"I very much benefited from this course. Once I had become more used to the initial stress of attending, I very much enjoyed. The programme really helped me develop a greater understanding of my moods and emotions and gave me strategies to use to limit unhelpful elements of overthinking and fantasising. I was also made aware of how thoughts and emotions can manifest themselves in the body as physical feelings. This is achieved through a series of meditations from 5 to 45 minutes. This allowed me to centre and experience the here and now, and to be free from those exhausting negative or over inquisitive thought. I can suffer from severe mood swings and have found through Mindfulness that it may be possible to 'catch' myself before I fall or jump into either extreme"

"As somebody who lived in the past and feared for the future the Mindfulness course was very welcoming. I enjoyed the Mindfulness exercise the park as it encourages us to live in the here and now, focusing on what was happening around me; sights, smells, sounds. I enjoyed the slowing down process that Mindfulness gave me. I used to be a bit of a shopaholic but now I only spend if I really like something and not buying for the sake of buying, or feeling 'I must get round the shops.' Now I can relax, spend time enjoying other things aside from shopping. Ironically I enjoy shopping better not feeling pressured to buy or shop on a daily basis. I also benefited from Live Life To The Full course. I learned to break the cycle of dark thoughts that I have. I benefited from the thoughts, feelings and physical behaviour cycle. The intervention was a great way to change my thought process and change my outlook on life"